Wednesday, March 28, 2001

Your quote for the day: “Video games do *not* effect kids. Take Pac-Man for example, if that were true all we would do is run arround munching pills and listening to repetive musi…wait!”

I see that Neko Neko Wai has been officially set up. The whole phenomenon is hard to explain…I proudly display a NNW sticker on my truck’s rear bumper, despite nobody really knowing what NNW is supposed to be. But that’s what phenomena are like, I guess.

I see that UMJAMS Anime News has moved to a new URL. Their old page simply returned a “You do not have permission” error, and only by checking AnimeNation’s news page and clicking on thier UMJAMS link did I find the new page. Rather annoying of UMJAMS to do without letting anyone know. Ah well.

There’s now an online trailer for the upcoming anime film “Metropolis,” based on Osamu “Father of Anime” Tezuka’s manga, which was in turn based on Fritz Lang’s 1922 science fiction film. Looks quite interesting, in a very very retro way.

These past few days have been quite slow, Big Events wise, other than Pastor Jackson’s passing. I’ll be going to his funeral this afternoon.

Oh, but I just found this article (now offline), in which a student decided to find out just how much modern universities value free speech. Fascinating.

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