Friday, April 27, 2001

Apr 27 2001

Now this is cool. Cardcaptors (a.k.a. the American dub of Card Captor Sakura) may be showing up on Toonami soon. This is actually not all that surprising; it’s a beautifully-animated show that’s already been dubbed, and has an existing audience on American TV. Very cool. I’ll probably never get a chance to watch it even if it does show up on Toonami (I don’t catch The Big O as it is), but I’d try.

Meanwhile, MegaTokyo is being hammered by site requests. Sort of a friendly DoS attack. The site has been slow lately, though; maybe they’ll upgrade to a new server soon.

Nothing else going on in my life. I had a really bad day yesterday, illness-wise, so I didn’t get anything done. Basically just watched The Screen Savers, a wonderful show on general technology (how-tos, cool gadgets, interesting websites, etc.), on TechTV.

We found out just the other day that we get TechTV on our cable service. It’s really a very good channel, in terms of interesting, tech-related content. It’s pretty much by geeks, for geeks. I only wish that John C. Dvorak‘s show was more interesting. Very dry, which I didn’t expect from him.

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