Friday, April 27, 2001

Now this is cool. Cardcaptors (a.k.a. the American dub of Card Captor Sakura) may be showing up on Toonami soon. This is actually not all that surprising; it’s a beautifully-animated show that’s already been dubbed, and has an existing audience on American TV. Very cool. I’ll probably never get a chance to watch it even if it does show up on Toonami (I don’t catch The Big O as it is), but I’d try.

Meanwhile, MegaTokyo is being hammered by site requests. Sort of a friendly DoS attack. The site has been slow lately, though; maybe they’ll upgrade to a new server soon.

Nothing else going on in my life. I had a really bad day yesterday, illness-wise, so I didn’t get anything done. Basically just watched The Screen Savers, a wonderful show on general technology (how-tos, cool gadgets, interesting websites, etc.), on TechTV.

We found out just the other day that we get TechTV on our cable service. It’s really a very good channel, in terms of interesting, tech-related content. It’s pretty much by geeks, for geeks. I only wish that John C. Dvorak‘s show was more interesting. Very dry, which I didn’t expect from him.

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