Saturday, April 7, 2001

Hey, Glitch just pointed me in the direction of 1/0, yet another online comic (at least this one’s not anime-related). The writing is amazingly deft, particularly in its current storyline regarding faith and homosexuality. And from there, I came to Freefall, a furry SF strip that I’ve only just begun to read. Very, very nice, though, and also well-written.

Woke up at noon today (thankfully, since I’ve been low on sleep lately), and immediately recorded Deathdance to a VHS tape, in preparation for sending it to Otakon‘s music video contest. I also spent a little time re-watching some of Mighty Space Miners, looking for footage for my third anime music video (set to Respighi’s Pines of Rome).

Spent a bit of time reading <>Treasure Box by Orson Scott Card. It’s excellent; I’d forgotten how good of a writer Card is. And much of Chapter 3 happens locally to me, which is really very cool. I’m only 50 pages into it, but I can hardly put it down thus far.

Oh, you want the plot? Yes, of course. It’s about Quentin Fears, a boy who lost his only sister in a car accident when he was 11 and she was 15. He never really got over it, and lucked into complete financial independence, at which point he realized how little he’d done with his life. He’d pretty been waiting for his sister to come back to him. And then he meets a woman who helps him to heal amazingly well, and he marries her. And then things start to get weird.

I’ve also been working some on the infrastructure of the library. I’m creating a database of all the books I own, as well as the ones I’ve read recently. Soon, I’ll have the database available in a nicely-categorized fashion, so you can browse my complete library, in many ways (including some nifty search capabilities). Including mini-reviews.

What else…did a bit of maintenance gardening, and went to the Old Brogue Irish pub with my parents for dinner. Also got the ingredients for a pie, though I found out I’ll need more Cool Whip for that.

I’ve been getting more in a mood to do some baking of late. I’ve been occasionally trying recipes for years now, and I’ve gotten to the point where I can make a pretty good dessert. I’ll make this pie tomorrow, and also do something for Easter Sunday, when my sister and her family will be coming over for dinner. Perhaps Chocolate Turtle Cheesecake? Or the simplicity of a Sweet Pie? Or even some Butterscotch Fudge?

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