Wednesday, April 4, 2001

Today I finished up my COMDEX report, adding in the pictures I took. I’ll be cleaning it any niggling little problems over the next few days. It greatly increases the amount of time it takes to load this page, but graphics make webpages look so much better. Now if only I could get into the habit of adding borders to my pictures.

I’ve been working on an intriguing little game design: Hover. It’s played from a top-down perspective, but is designed as a multiplayer deathmatch-style game. Plus, I have some interesting little strategic ideas. And it’d be fairly easy to write, provided I designed it properly. Will have to see where it goes.

Pretty much on a whim, I picked up a book-on-tape reading of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War last week. I finished listening to it today — I’ll post a review soon — and skimmed the library for something else interesting. I found a Terry Brooks stand-alone modern fantasy novel called A Knight of the Word, which sounded intriguing. I’ve never been impressed with Brooks’ writing, but I figured I’d give him a chance.

So, I listened to the first few pages’ worth of A Knight of the Word on the way back from work. I’m very disappointed; I’ll be taking the tapes back to the library tomorrow. There’s just so little use of the language; almost all of the descriptions I heard were nearly cliches. They have a copy of Robert Jordan’s A Path of Daggers, which I still haven’t finished reading; maybe I’ll try that instead.

That’s about all I have to report at the moment. I’ve spent much of today getting back up-to-speed at work, and cleaning up stuff at home.

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