Monday, May 14, 2001

Work was uneventful today; we had to get some work done by close of business today, but we were able to do it with plenty of time to spare. Now we’ll be entering a bit of down-time, which we hope to use to get ahead in some other projects.

After returning home, I finished my dinner from Saturday night, and immediately cleaned my part of the house. Mom had decided to clean much of it today, so I only had to dust my part. It felt so good to do that.

I’ve decided that I’m going to set aside time on Thursday nights to clean the house. In the past, I’ve just left it as “something to do on the weekend,” but realistically I’ll be more consistent with the cleaning if it has a regular timeslot.

I then managed to actually keep my schedule, though I also had to spend some time arranging for payment of several recent eBay purchases. I drew a new sketch, part of my “Twelve Labors of Brentules” (where I’m trying to draw 12 actual human girls out of fashion magazines to improve my proportions, before I work on anything else drawing-related), as well as completing today’s devotions (in Jeremiah, which is pretty heavy stuff).

What’d I buy on eBay? An anime cel of Kazuki Yotsuga from Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure (see my cel gallery for a picture of it), the soundtrack to Dual!, one secret item, and two cute little anime pins: one of Lain from serial experiments lain, and one of Ein from Cowboy Bebop. Right now I’m also thinking about buying a bunch of other anime cels, based on a long conversation with Saalon this morning about various cels we’re looking for.

I mentioned my plans to write an AtheOS word processor on the AtheOS discussion list the other day, and that’s become the discussion du jour. It’s gratifying, especially now that Kamidake (my AtheOS software directory) is getting about 30 hits a day. I’m making a difference in this community, which always pleases me.

Writing Thoughts

Got some feedback from Brennen on “Anime Explained.” Still waiting on Saalon’s feedback, now that he has the most recent version of the article. Once I get feedback from both of them, I’ll submit the article somewhere.

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