Sunday, May 13, 2001

Spent most of the morning upgrading Kamidake, my AtheOS software directory site. It’s getting quite feature-rich now, I must admit; I can now add software entries using a web-based form (instead of hand-editing the files), and I’ve put in the substructure for separate developer entries.

I’ve just realized that I’ll really need to create a separate MySQL database for Kamidake. Which is sort of unfortunate.

Anyway, today we went to my sister’s house to celebrate Mother’s Day. We were served an excellent meal, after which we went to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, a beautiful, vast garden estate. Though my sister’s kids wore us down a bit, we had a great time.

They had a garden shop. Whenever I come across a garden shop, my wallet tends to run screaming in the other direction, thanks to past experience. Today was no exception to the rule; I spent $80 on books and gifts (one great big book on shade gardening, another on gardening in my area, and four bottles of hand lotion, which will make excellent Christmas gifts). ‘Twas well worth it, though; I doubt I could find those things anywhere else.

I came home and mowed the side lawn, then tried to check up on an eBay auction only to find myself unable to dial-in to Frontline. After several frustrating minutes I called Saalon and had him check on the status of my auctions. He was able to make one bid for me, and none of the others were in danger. I was able to get online later in the evening and take care of it.

Around 10:00 I gathered up the trash and took it out to the street. I returned to the house to be confronted by my Mom, who surprised me with a lecture. I was even more surprised to realize that I deserved it.

See, I still hadn’t cleaned the house (which should’ve been done the day before), I’d waited until dusk on Sunday to mow the lawn, and I was only just now doing the trash. On Mother’s Day.

I went to bed and thought things over. Mom was right; I don’t do my chores on time. I don’t do a lot of things on time. It’s a trait that I should change. I continued to worry about it, with no real solution presenting itself, as I slowly fell asleep.

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