Saturday, May 12, 2001

I drove to Maryland this morning to a meeting of my “Coffee and Classics” book club. We’ve decided to forego meetings at The Tea Cozy in Alexandria, and instead meet at Suzie’s house. Her directions were flawless, and I had a great time driving through lovely neighborhoods.

Suzie had copies of Pilgrim’s Progress, which will be our next book. We mostly just chatted, had tea and scones (which were excellent), and ended up watching The Prince of Egypt, which Chris had never seen. What a great film.

I then ran to work, to finish up a few things. After waiting for half an hour in the drive-thru line at Wendy’s (!), I spent about two hours at work, then ran home in time to check my e-mail and fiddle with AtheOS programming.

I’d made semi-reservations at a local Macaroni Grill for 6:00 as a sort of pre-Mother‘s Day dinner. We all drove up there and had a good time, though my stomach was bothering me and I ended up only eating a few bites of my pasta and mozarella chicken. We then walked around outside, looked in a few shops, and browse through a Barnes and Noble.

Had an unusual experience at the B&N. I was skimming the aisles, looking for a copy of Who Moved My Cheese?, when the guy next to me struck up a conversation. Evidently he does some kind of e-commerce business where he sets up non-techie small businesses with a ‘net connection and online ordering systems, so they can streamline their business. He was networking there, so we exchanged contact information, and he said he’d call me. Interesting.

(Turns out we already have a copy of Who Moved My Cheese? at home.)

After returning home, I worked on AtheOS programming. After exchanging e-mails with the AtheOS discussion list a few times, I finally got a very basic AtheOS “skeleton” application to compile. This is my first step towards development of a word processor for AtheOS (anyone have any ideas for a name?). I have a design in my head, which should be flexible and powerful, and should work as an AtheOS app.

I was also pleasantly surprised to be ICQ’ed by both PerrinGoldeneyes and MlitiaGrl, old friends of mine from an IRC network. I had a great time talking with them again, and I hope I can keep in contact.

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