Saturday, June 30, 2001

I met up with my “Coffee and Classics” book club this morning, where we went out to Starbuck’s and talked about The Pilgrim’s Progress. Suzie had gone to see A.I. the night before, and so we talked about some of the issues that the movie raises.

Me, I’m glad that the movie is raising those issues. I’m glad the Spielburg is making films that people want to go see, and from which they’ll walk away thinking about things.

received those four anime cels today. Unfortunately, the Mighty Space Miners and Gundam X cels are stuck to the pencil sketch included with each one. I’m going to have to take them to a professional cel separator. Fortunately, I think I know where I can find one; there’s a cel store in the area.

I also received my Spring and Chaos and Project A-Ko: Uncivil Wars DVDs. I’m not sure if the Spring and Chaos DVD is one of the defective “special editions;” I’ll have to play it today and find out. (Update: it wasn’t.)

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