Thursday, June 7, 2001

Heh. Take a week off, and I don’t have the time to update my diary.

got two anime DVDs in the mail today; the Project A-Ko “Love and Robots” disc, which contains Project A-Ko 2 through Project A-Ko 4; and the first 13 episodes of Digimon on one disc.

Sadly, the Digimon disc is limited to introductory episodes; very little really good stuff. Still, they had some really cute “bloopers” (“Uh-oh! We have to contact Kabukleri…Kabusari…” “CUT!” <beep>Uh-oh! We have to contact Kubut…Kabuk…I can do this!” “CUT!” <bee>Uh-oh! We have to contact Kobikatukari…can we just call him Bob?”). I ended up watching the first and 13th episodes.

The A-Ko disc is great; I’d never seen any of it before sitting down to watch it today. I thought that Project A-Ko 2 was absolutely brilliant (they complete the Fist of the North Star spoof started in the first flick, among other things), and Project A-Ko 3 surprised me by being a solid little story, with less outright spoofiness. I haven’t had a chance to watch Project A-Ko 4 yet.

I made a major update to UFO Dreams, my NieA Under 7 shrine, thanks to this guy who’s been tossing a ton of content in my direction. I’m amazed at how much stuff this guy has been able to find. I though I was obssessive about NieA; he’s finding pages I never knew existed.

I also found or re-wrote much of the User tutorials for SUB (I accidentally deleted them all a few days ago. It’s good to see most of that site back in action.


Other than that, I didn’t get much of anything done today. I’ve been kind of annoyed at some online acquaintances lately, which put me in a funk lately. It’s just one of those times when a lot of little annoyances have built up in my life to all prick me at once. I can stand them in small doses, but it sort of overwhelmed me today.

Still, I’m putting together a list of things to do, and hope to leap at that list tomorrow.

Oh, this is news: Daemonsong, a webdrama I’m involved in, is still getting a whole bunch of hits, even after we stopped updating it. The chief of the production (Saalon) is thinking of doing…something for those fans, so he asked me to put together a poll for the site. I’ve mocked up a test poll, and we’ll put it all together tomorrow, hopefully.

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