Tuesday, June 5, 2001

I knew when I woke up this morning that I probably wouldn’t have much time to myself today. I decided to make the most of the day, though, and refrain from complaining or feeling depressed about it.

I woke up late; about 11:30 a.m. Dad and I went back to the airport and had excellent steak and cheese sandwiches at a little deli there, then exchanged our European money back into dollars (the currency exchange office didn’t open until 1:30).

We then drove to Home Depot, where Dad bought a new storm door for our back door, and I bought some extra bricks for my garden path.

I came home and was able to check my e-mail before taking a shower, just in time for our company. We had Dorothy Jackson and my grandmother over for dinner, and had a lovely time. Dessert was a golden-brown cherry pie with bits of sugar on top, and a store-bought key lime pie topped with lots of whipped cream swirls. We’re going to eat well for the next few days.

After they left, I re-checked my e-mail. My post to AtheOS-developer about development tools stirred up quite a bit of conversation. In particular, I’ve received several comments on my decision to write a Visual Basic-like “rapid application development” program. While there was initially some talk that VB was a bad start, people are mostly coming around to the idea.

In fact, I then began writing a functional spec for that development tool, which I’ve dubbed Calliope (after the Greek Muse of epic poetry). I don’t think it’ll be all that difficult to code.

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