Tuesday, June 26, 2001

I still haven’t written anything for the weekend, have I? Well, I have a good excuse: work’s been extremely busy, and I spent tonight at a friend’s house, going over basic character generation for a game of Nobilis we’re going to be playing. I just got home at 11:00.

And then I tried to get Tramp on my LAN, to no success. Windows refuses to recognize the Ethernet card properly. Fortunately, I have three of them handy, so I can just try another brand. But at least I can get on the ‘net now.

Oh, I don’t believe I’ve related this yet: it seems that the modem on Pendragon is sickly. Particularly, I haven’t been able to maintain an internet connection on it since Saturday. I’ve finally begun reinstalling all of Tramp’s hardware from scratch, starting with the modem, so I can now get a stable net connection on it and can at least read e-mails and post to this diary from it (which is what I’m doing now).

I really don’t want to buy a new modem for Pendragon right now. My solution is to get Tramp on the LAN, and set up internet connection sharing so that Pendragon can use Tramp’s net connection. While Tramp has a slow internal WinModem and Pendragon had a fast external modem, I’m willing to live with the speed decrease for a week or two.

Or I would, if I could get Tramp on the LAN.

Meanwhile, work has been very interesting. I’m now the God of Online Help, and this week I’m going through each of our 93 help files, cleaning them up, and sending them to the rest of the team for review. I’m on an aggressive schedule, too: I’m trying to have all of the files reviewed by the end of Friday (a week before our final deadline).

I’ve been having trouble staying focused on my work recently, though. I’ve been worried that I’d slack off.

Instead, now that I have this responsibility, I’ve never worked more diligently. I’m completing files at a rapid pace, and we’re fully on schedule. I think I needed responsibility like this.

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