Wednesday, June 27, 2001

I met up with some friends last night to go over the character-creationprocess for a game of Nobilis we’re going to be playing. I’ve never done any physical roleplaying before, and as a result I’m both nervous and excited at the prospect of pretending to be a balding 40-year-oldwith five other twentysomething white guys.

I still can’t get Tramp on the LAN, despite some fiddling this morning. My e-mails are piling up, and I need to get back in touch with one guy from whom I’m buying a used Palm III to replace the one that I broke.

Huh. And just because I can: here’s the website for Alien 9, a cute anime OVA currently being released in Japan. The show reminds me a bit of Digimon, except much more lush. Also check out this very interesting interview (now defunct) with the director of “The Great Dangaioh,” a new TV series in the timeline of the mech anime “Haja Taisei Dangaiou.” It looks like they’re trying to create a fun, nostalgic mech anime show and…sort of do their own version of Evangelion. But having fun with it this time.

“Robot anime involves a lot of yelling, and it’s hard both mentally and physically for someone over 40 years old, you know.” — Toshiki Hirano

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