Thursday, June 28, 2001

Ahhh, bliss. I got confirmation late last night that my orders of Spring and Chaos on DVD, Project A-Ko: Uncvil Wars (a.k.a. Project A-Ko Vs.) on DVD, a Project A-Ko cel, two Mighty Space Miners cels, and a Gundam X cel all shipped yesterday. The DVDs should come in soon, while the cels are traveling from Japan and may take a little while to get here.

Almost on a whim, I caught The Screen Savers on TechTV, and was thrilled to see that Neil Gaiman was on the show, talking about his new book American Gods. I’m going to have to pick up a copy; it sounds very very cool.

Gaiman was a fun guest. He seemed very comfortable, and looked like a quiet guy who spends a lot of time on personal pursuits. He’s private, while still being friendly. In any event, he talked about his blog on he originally intended it as a window into all the machinations of writing that go on after the book is published — getting blurbs, choosing a cover, going on book signing tours, autographing special editions, etc. And now CNN online has an article on the blog, clearly suggesting that this is a neat, revolutionary new way to promote a book.

And for Gaiman, whether it’s new or revolutionary or not, it’s just plain useful in terms of letting people know how this whole writing and publishing process works. He didn’t start the journal intending to create a marketing tool; that just grew out of an existing desire.

“The source of product gold mines is user frustration.”Jean-Louis Gass

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