Thursday, July 26, 2001

Well, I managed to stay up way too late last night, chatting with Brennen and Gulthek on Gul’s new IRC server (, port 6667) and mucking about with Blender tutorials.

Blender‘s a totally free 3D modelling and animation package. It’s quite powerful, but is marred by an interface that’s anywhere from “very different” to “non-intuitive” to “nuts,” depending on who you ask. Still, I can get used to funky interfaces, and there are lots of Blender tutorials out there. I’ve always loved animation, so maybe this’ll give me the tools I need to create some home-grown animation. Just following in Dash‘s footsteps, I guess.

I caught another episode of Gundam: 08th MS Team, which I’m still enjoying immensely. I’m starting to realize that 08th MS Team is much more Macross-like than most other Gundam shows; it’s got a lighter tone, and the show is willing to revel in the innate coolness of giant robot fighting with lightsabres.

Meanwhile, this morning I posted a new programming tutorial to SUB, on launching a FileRequester.

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