Tuesday, July 10, 2001

[Inu Yasha]
Inu Yasha

Some interesting anime news: Viz has acquired the rights to Inu Yasha, the latest series from Rumiko “Goddess of Manga” Takahashi (creator of Maison Ikkoku, Urusei Yatsura, and Ranma 1/2, and the wealthiest female in Japan). However, what’s interesting about this acquisition is that Viz plans to pursue a television broadcast of the series before they try to get it on DVD or VHS. This could be a new trend in American anime releases, attempting to get more anime on TV before it’s available for purchase. I really like this idea.

I also see that the original Gundam series should be premiering on Toonami on Monday, July 23rd at 5:00 p.m. Maybe I’ll try to get home early that day.

In other news, I’m back at work today. I still have a sore throat, but my other symptoms are waning. I just hope that being at work doesn’t cause a relapse.

I’m writing a “post-release review” document at work. It’s my attempt to record the decisions that we made as we implemented online help here at Intersect, so that we can look back on the process and learn from it. I haven’t told anyone that I’m writing anything this extensive, though we are all encouraged to write a “lessons learned” document about the release. I wonder how people will react to it.

I’ve been convicted lately to get on the ball with Wine, so maybe tonight I’ll try to get in touch with everyone and plot out some ideas for the future. Hmmm. This is probably a good place to talk about that, so I’ll try to organize my thoughts and post a run-down of my plans later today.

And it’s about time for a new poll. Here are the results from the previous one:

The court has handed down a 125-page ruling on Microsoft (check out the timeline). What do you think of everyone’s favorite OS maker?
They’re a monopoly, no question. (50%)
Well, they do some monopolistic things, but they may not be a full-scale monopoly. (16%)
I don’t think they’re a monopoly. (0%)
Oh, I just don’t care anymore. (33%)

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