Wednesday, July 11, 2001

As you can see, I spent much of today redesigning my personal website. I vastly prefer the new layout. Its only disadvantage in this new scheme is the fact that I’ve had to disable the navigational column on this diary page. It just takes up too much space, or at least it does if I want to keep putting pretty pictures on this diary.

That was about all I got accomplished. Most of the evening was spent chatting with Mom, though I at least did my devotions and started on a new drawing.

Here’s something unusual: I bought a set of blank note cards and envelopes. I want to start hand-writing “Thank You” cards, personally decorating them and such. It’s a neat way for me to put some effort into something.

Ugh, my prose looks like it’s drunk. Heh, no wonder; it’s 2 a.m. Better sign off.

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