Wednesday, August 29, 2001

Well, I arrived at work this morning to discover that the power was out. So, we sat around and chatted until the power came back on, but even at that point, t, the network was still down. All of our work was stored on the network, so we sat around and chatted until lunch time, where we decided to go out to Uno’s. By the time we got back, the network was back up, but it was 2:00 already. So, we got a bit of work done, but precious little.

That’s OK, though, because management has decided that we won’t release our current version to the customer. This means that we have several extra weeks to get our documentation in order, so we won’t have to work weekends getting it ready. Yay!

Meanwhile…not much happening in my personal life. I may alternate Sundays between AWANA (a kids’ club) at McLean Bible Church, and Kairos (a young adults’ club) at The Falls Church. That schedule would satisfy my duty to work in AWANA, while also giving me a chance to form some friendships at Kairos. I could certainly use a few more physical friends, particular those in the same spiritual camp.

[Boogiepop Phantom cover art]
Boogiepop Phantom
covert art

I didn’t work on Calliope tonight, as I’m designing the code needed to save the user’s work as they go. I also want Calliope to pre-load the project that was loaded when the user last used Calliope, with the windows in the same configuration. Both features require quite some thought.

I also received the first NieA_7 DVD from Right Stuf, which I’d special ordered the day before buying it at a video store. I think I’ll just send this disc to Saalon.

Included with the NieA_7 disc was a big glossy advertisement for the upcoming release of Boogiepop Phantom, a psychological thriller / horror anime series in the same stylistic vein as serial experiments lain. It looks to be very…intriguing, to say the least. Which I will.

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