Wednesday, August 8, 2001

Heh. Thanks to a severe nausea attack when I got home, I turned on The Screen Savers tonight to see an interview with Douglas Rushkoff, the writer of Cyberia, which was a major influence for serial experiments lain. He’s talking about his new open-source novel, which actually might work because it uses a radically unusual approach to the whole “collaborative novel” problem.

The idea is that he’s written a book about the internet today, but he’s also written it as though it’s been unearthed by an archeologist 200 years in the future and re-published, so the thing is crammed with footnotes that try to explain to 23rd-century readers year-2000 terminology and technology. Neat idea. It’s collaborative because people can submit their own archeological footnotes, which get added into the book.

Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to get my Samurai Jack promo disc working, but have had lots of trouble. It’s a VCD, so it won’t play in the DVD player, and my only working Windows system, Pendragon, doesn’t have a working sound card. Saalon pointed out that I should just take the disc to work and play it there, which I’m going to do.

Speaking of work, I put together a hole today.

Hmmmm. This needs background.

Several coworkers at work are organizing an Intersect Putt-Putt Tournament, to be held within the building on Friday afternoon. Each “cube” gets to assemble a putting green, and they can be as wild as desired. I’ve designed something which should go over pretty well, I hope; I’ll try to post pictures when I get a chance. In any event, I built the final platform for the hole tonight, with lots of help from my Dad the master carpenter.

That’s all that I have to report, for now.

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