Friday, September 28, 2001

I was blindsided at work today. My boss and my boss’ boss both sat down with me and told me that they were very concerned with the level of effort I’m putting in at work. From what I understand, by “very concerned,” they meant that I’d be fired if I didn’t show more committment.

And, after some reflection, I recognize that they’re absolutely right. I’ve been coasting along for awhile now, partly revelling in the relatively stress-free nature of my job. So, I’ve resolved to buckle down at work and try to be really productive.


This was the first time, in my recollection, that anybody has ever expressed concern about my effort level. I’m worried, because this got to the point where it was a firing offense before anyone even talked to me about it. And while it’s within the company’s rights to let me go without warning, this is the wrong way to treat employees, unless I’ve misunderstood the situation.

So. I didn’t get much of anything accomplished at home today, obviously. My mind’s been like a tornado all day. To quote Ushiwaka from Might Space Miners:

“…this sucks.”

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