Wednesday, September 26, 2001

Tonight, I became a man.

…No, not in that sense. Sheesh, some of you have such dirty minds.

My parents and I decided a few weeks ago that I need a “coming-of-age” ceremony. Since I’ve never moved out of the house, I’ve never felt a break from my childhood, so tonight we went out to dinner as a celebration. We’re all trying to shift mental gears now, to think of me as an adult who happens to be living at home.

Odd, how embarrassing it is in our society to be still living at home at age 24 (almost 25). So I have a good relationship with my parents, the rent’s cheap, and I get free home-cooked meals. Exactly how am I being immature?

Anyvay, I arrived back home to find out that the new upgrade for Lady had arrived. Amazingly, Lady was up and running again an hour later, on the network, with no real problems. She’s now running on a 950-Mhz AMD Duron chip — thanks to Brennen for a tip that Durons are a good value right now — with a full 512 MB of RAM. Compiling an app takes practically no time at all now.

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