Friday, November 30, 2001

Being on a schedule has its drawbacks. Even its advantages have drawbacks.

Case in point: I normally reserve Friday nights for writing. Up until now, I’ve only been writing Points of View reviews on Friday, but recently, I’ve had the urge to write some fiction. Any sort of fiction. Not the Great American Novel; just something entertaining.

As you can imagine, I’ve been mentally building myself up to start work on this. Now, I said that a schedule has drawbacks hiding in its advantages. One of the advantages of being on a schedule is that you know you’re going to have time to do things. Since I’ve blocked off some time to watch anime every week, I don’t spend days thinking, I’ve really got to snag an hour so I can watch more Robotech soon. Instead, I can look forward to that anime time.

However, tonight is the night of the Intersect Christmas party. This means that I won’t have time to write, and since I’d been planning to write tonight, I’d made no progress on actual writing yet.

So, I’ve sort of sabotaged myself. By not factoring in the Christmas party (I should have written it on my calendar), I’m not going to get a chance to write. Maybe I can block off some writing time on Saturday.

I’ve also bumping up against another problem with my schedule, one which is much thornier. Saalon pointed out to me awhile back that I needed to schedule some down-time between work and my home activities. In other words, I shouldn’t expect myself to come home, eat dinner, then dive straight into writing or drawing or whatever.

He was right, but I’m having terrible trouble diving into work after I’ve been goofing off for an hour or two. I’m not sure whether this is due to simple laziness, or the way I’m wired. Either way, I can’t think of any modification to my schedule that would help this. If you guys reading this have any suggestions, please drop me a line.

In other news…there’s a new poll. I accidentally deleted the old one before I thought of saving the results, unfortunately. As I recall, a surprising majority of people would dodge the draft for as long as they could.

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