Tuesday, November 27, 2001

“No rest for the Sipple….” For some reason, that phrase tickles me.

I’m tuckered out right now, but I expect that. I went to Men’s Academy this morning (I wish they had a website), and its 6:30 a.m. starting time has taken its toll. Even so, I’m glad I went, as John’s message about wisdom was worth hearing.

I got through the workday, though, and managed to drag myself home. Once there, I watched some anime.

I finished the first disc of Nadia and the Secret of Blue Water. Ah, how I love this show. The two protagonists, Jean and Nadia, are vivid characters with differences that work well dramatically. Jean, the wide-eyed lover of life, trusts too much, while Nadia, who has lived a turbulent and rather unahppy life, trusts too little. They make an interesting pair, and the series is smart enough to stay calm and quite pleasant, so that the audience’s emotions aren’t manipulated.

I then watched another episode of Gasaraki, which continues its tradition of high-quality storytelling. There were a few laugh-out-loud funny moments, too, which impressed me.

And then…a bit of classic anime, with an episode of Robotech. The SDF-1 returns home to Earth, finally. So, what next? I’m anxious to find out. This series is just plain fun.

In other news, Saalon finished his episode of Defiant last night. I was privileged to read a copy of the episode, and after reading that, boy am I glad that he’s writing Wine for me. He’s got so much talent.

I also spent some time chatting in the RO-World chatroom. RO-World is the largest English-language site devoted to Ragnarok Online, which is an extremely attractive massively-multiplayer online game. The chatroom is full of interesting people, of a mix that reminds me strongly of events, my old stomping grounds.

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