January 11, 2002

All in all, I had a good day today. I went back to Intersect for a couple of hours, to review some procedures with my old boss. Afterwards, I bought some plastic pots and some peat moss at a local home improvement store, in preparation for spring. I then went to our Redemption game, which was nutty because we tried playing eight people against each other, all at once. We had to call it off after an hour, but we had fun, particularly in assembling massive attacks with ten or twelve cards in play at once.

I also worked on the path in my garden a bit.

You know, it’s oddly therapeutic to spend a few hours actually digging dirt with a shovel. There are no complex moral questions. You’re definitely doing something when you’re digging. Dirt is unquestionably moving from this point in space to that point in space. You get this feeling of accomplishment, even if you realize that you’ve been digging in the wrong spot for the past two hours and have to re-do it all later.

Cool. The banner at the top of these pages should now change daily, if I’ve coded them correctly. So, you’ll see the above banner image no matter when you visit this site today (GMT), but tomorrow you’ll consistely get a different image.

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