Monday, January 14, 2002

Tanjit. Forgot to write a diary entry before I left. I’m currently sitting in a very funky internet cafe in Front Royal, Virginia. I’ll be on vacation for three full days, and will be returning on Thursday.

I’m really enjoying myself. This gives me the opportunity to really relax, with no distractions. I have some writing paper, some drawing paper, and a stack of books — I got through half of The Wind in the Willows last night.

I actually managed to write a bit this morning, on a short story that just came to me out of nowhere. I’m happy to see that I’m beginning to be able to write organically.

We’ll also see if this picturesque little town inspires me to draw anything. I’d sure love to come back from this with a few worthy sketches.

Anyway. More later. Remind me to tell you about the air raid siren.

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