Tuesday, January 1, 2002 — New Year’s Day

I’ve spent most of today trying to keep up with the AtheOS community. Not only has the mailing list traffice surged to dozens of posts a day, mostly concerning a post I made a few days ago, but people have been responding to the new Kamidake interface that I posted today. Eugenia wrote it; I just put it up and tweaked it here and there.

Unfortunately, there are a bunch of bugs in the new interface — many of them my fault. And, because I feel pride in the things I make, I’ve been squashing bugs in the new interface, on and off, all day. This is tiring.

I did take a break to watch some anime, though. I re-watched The Castle of Cagliostro, one of the greatest adventure films of all time, and caught several more episodes of Robotech.

Speaking of Robotech, I should record here that I am still impressed with that show, or at least Macross, which was its source material for these episodes. Every time I get bored with the series, it throws something unexpected and entertaining at me. After a lot of relatively boring plot development, Rick is seriously injured, and we spend an entire episode watching the delirious nightmare he experiences as he recovers. The nightmare itself is a strange amalagam of past experience and bizarre imagery, as he tries to work out his relationship with Minmei and Lisa Hayes. The entire episode is fascinating, and expertly assembled.

While I’m typing, I’ll also plug the video section of Robotech.com, which contains several short outtakes from the show.

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