Monday, December 31, 2001 — New Year’s Eve

…Yeeesh, I haven’t updated this diary in a very long time. Shame on me.

I spent today at an informal New Year’s Eve party, at a co-worker‘s house. I surprised myself by enjoying it more than I normally enjoy parties. Being painfully shy, parties are generally uncomfortable events for me. This party had just the right mixture of interesting (but, thankfully, sane) people and tasty food to both stimulate and relax me.

In fact, it was only supposed to last until six, and I was the first one to leave, at eight o’clock. Sounds like an unqualified success, though the party did start two hours late.

In other news, I’ve officially put Wine to Those in Anguish, my animated project, on a deep freeze. Instead, I want to make a more personal animated film, one tentatively titled “End of Summer.” I’ve assembled a website, naturally, with a bit of preliminary material.

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