Friday, January 10, 2003

I have a website, All Anime Music Videos. No, please don’t go there; don’t give it any more hits.

I’m not being entirely facetious.

I started All Anime Music Videos (AAMV) back when I first started downloading anime music videos, and there was no website that reliably linked to the music videos out there. Very frustrating. So, I put together AAMV, which is primarily a list of websites made by anime music video creators, that offer anime music videos for download. I also offered my personal opinion on the quality of the videos offerred.

Since then, the mother of all AMV sites has come into being and lists over 13,000 videos: It’s great; it’s a massive repository of links to AMVs, and it’s constantly growing.

But AAMV is still getting about 6,000 hits a month. It’s by far the most popular page on This is crazy. But I’m not sure what to do.

On one hand, AAMV is pretty pointless; while it links to a few dozen websites, links to thousands. I dislike the fact that so many people are using my page when there are other, better ones out there. I have a link at the top of AAMV to, but the hits aren’t slacking off. Perhaps I should just take the page down.

On the other hand, people are using AAMV. It’s a useful resource for some people. I dislike the idea of taking down something that people find useful.

Perhaps I should install a little feedback form on AAMV: “Why do you use this site instead of”

What should I do?

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