Monday, June 23, 2003

I’ve been struggling with the question of what to do for my next animation. I’ve had the idea of animating a few stylized birds at a bird feeder, and found a neat little piece of Classical music to go along with it. But I wanted to tell a very brief story, maybe fifteen seconds long, and I couldn’t come up with a story that fit. A one-minute story would probably take me months to draw and assemble.

I was talking about this with my parents last night, and they pointed out that it’s practically impossible to come up with a 15-second story. My Mom suggested, off the top of her head, a fabulous idea: animate birds in the foreground, but animate the foliage in the background shifting from summer to autumn to fall. It would get across the idea that “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

It’s brilliant, and it’s solved my problem. That will be my next animation. It’s time to start scripting, collecting reference material (what do birds really look like when they’re landing on a feeder?), and storyboarding.

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