Tuesday, June 24, 2003

I’m lucky. I have very little debt. I’ve paid for my truck, I have no student loans, and I only have about USD $3,000 on my credit cards.

On the other hand, credit card debt is expensive, and I’ve been unable to eliminate it despite my best intentions for the past several years.

So, I’ve decided to turn the knobs up to eleven and purchase nothing other than food and household essentials until I’ve paid off my credit card bills. That means no new anime, no books, no odd plants for my desk at work.

I expect to be able to pay off those bills in two months or so. It’ll be a long haul, but I think it’ll be worth it.

Ironically, the next thing I’d buy is a 42″ widescreen flatscreen TV, which I’d probably put on the credit cards so that I can get it several months earlier than I would if I saved up the cash. But I’m willing to do that, because I will have paid off the cards once, so I’ll be able to pay them off the second time. Debt is always a trade-off, and it’s crazy to always take it one way.

New anime music download, by the way. I’m thinking of changing it to a generic music download, now that I have a significant music collection. Perhaps I’ll start posting some of the weird techno-ish music I’ve collected from across the web.

Here’s how my music collection breaks down:

  • Classical, 22 hours
  • Anime, 19 hours
  • Techno-ish, 12 hours
  • Big Band, 11 hours
  • Christmas, 7 hours
  • Alternative Pop (They Might Be Giants, Gorillaz, etc.), 5 hours
  • Renaissance/Celtic/etc., 4.6 hours

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