Thursday, July 10, 2003

Am I the only one receiving a lot more incest spam over the past few weeks?

(Hoo boy. That sentence should make my access logs interesting.)

In other news, good post, Saalon. I agree in the main with the entire thing.

I do want to clarify one point, though, and that is about the fact that Jesus doesn’t talk much about sex. This is true, but he lived in a different time and stressed the issues that were particularly important then. He was much more concerned with the rampant twistings of spirituality that existed in the Jewish church in those days.

We live in a sex-soaked culture, much more so than in Judea of two thousand yers ago. Am I suggesting they lived asexual lives? Certainly not. There was plenty of sexuality back then, but it wasn’t as ever-present as it is today. My local Borders looks like this; d’you think they had this sort of stuff in Israel circa 30 A.D.?

[Love Hina manga cover][Tenchi manga cover]

So, just because Jesus didn’t talk about sex much doesn’t mean he didn’t think it was a big deal. It just wasn’t the pressing social issue then that it (arguably) is now.

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