August 22, 2003

Saalon, my condolences.

An idea has been noodling around in my head for awhile.

I want to build an IRC server that’s combined with a MUD, allowing users to essentially play a MUD that sits on a working IRC server. I think I’ve found the perfect framework for this: pircd, a fully functional IRC server written entirely in Perl, and coded nicely.

Here are some of my criteria:

  • Minimal combat. I’d actually like there to be some combat, but something highly dependent on the player’s skill. Note: the player’s skill, not the player’s character’s skill.
  • A world that expands intelligently. I’ve actually worked out a system that would allow the world to expand when explored. So, I could create a simple desert area with a few basic descriptions, and if a player steps “off the map” into a new area, the game would automatically create that new area.
  • A world where players can create and modify just about anything, without constantly resorting to an artificial “wizard” class. I can understand having wizards; I just dislike the idea of creating this large, distinct class of people who can change things, as opposed to everyone else who cannot. I’d like it if players could forge new objects, frex.
  • Bringing in some elements of real-time strategy games, particularly the ability to build objects that produce other objects. Imagine being able to build a Bakery. You bring it flour, and it gives you bread.

I’ve already taken pircd and written a few modules that let players connect, set their description, and explore a minimal environment.

Sorry for lack of updates yesterday; our office was hit by a virus so I didn’t get the chance to upload anything before we had to shut down all our PC’s and wait for IT to patch each one individually. Arg.

More to come later today, but for now, I have a new book review at the library: Indra Sinha’s The Cybergypsies, a surprisingly excellent re-telling of his experiences as the member of a bunch of MUD players from the FidoNet days.

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