Friday, September 26, 2003

[Striped Shade Path]

Well, my life finally seems to be settling down. Every morning this week, I arrived at work closer to my regular time of 9:00, and this morning I arrived two minutes before nine. Hooray! I can sleep eight hours now.

My evenings are becoming more productive, too. I’ve begun scheduling my off-hours, which works wonders for my productivity. You’d think this turn my off-hours into drudgery, but the opposite is true: I’m excited and charged by the number of things I accomplish.

I’ve also begun revising The Plan, which is a set of (relatively) long-term goals I set for myself about a year and a half ago. The current Plan is, by July of 2004:

  • Save $10,000.
  • Be debt-free.
  • Be making money–or well on my way to making money–in the following areas: programming, writing, animating, and composing music.

I’ve already accomplished the middle goal. The first goal was devised when my expenses were much lower than they are today, so I’m halving that number (which will still be rather tough).

That final goal is too vague. So, my new Plan is as follows:

  • Save $5,000
  • Have several hundred dollars in STUN Software and Otherspace Productions bank accounts.
  • Be writing a story every month, and have all stories in circulation.
  • Have several quality short animations on Otherspace Productions, made my real artists.
  • Be composing one (small) piece of music every month.

We’ll see how I’m doing in nine months.


In other news…read this. It has more imagery and power than everything I’ve written in the past year, combined.

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