Thursday, October 2, 2003

I’m continuing to have reasonable success with my evening schedules; Tuesday night was a good example.

I came home ready to make a special dinner: steak and potatos. I cracked open the cookbook to discover that the recipe calls for marinating the steak for an hour. Blast. Well, I’d planned on making cookies anyway. I oiled and peppered the steak and set it aside, then proceeded to mix up the M&M cookie batter.

I’d done this over the weekend, but that batch contained a fatal flaw: not nearly enough flour. The batter ran like hot butter down a greased slide. I had M&M pancakes. So, this time, I added plenty of extra flour.

They turned out okay. They were the right consistency, but all that flour made the batter bland. Cookies should be sweet. The dough itself should be sweet. This was…a cookie. Eh. Maybe a ‘C’.

But then I had to begin dinner, as I was almost fainting from hunger. I chopped up the potato, sprinkled it with oil and salt, and put it into the oven. No sweat. I tossed the steak onto the frying pan, and….hmmm.

Okay, it’s been three minutes, and I’m supposed to flip it. It’s still pretty pink. No, really, it’s…but…really pretty pink….Okay. Fine. I flipped it and watched it sizzle for another few minutes, then let it stand for about ten minutes (this seals in the juices).

And I remembered the potato slices, and flipped them, then brought everything together.

It was really good, except that the steak was pretty darned rare. It didn’t “Moo!” when I cut into it, but the middle was pretty pink. I guess next time I’d better leave it on there for longer.

But I had my steak and my potato slices, with a bit of red wine. It was good. Especially with a few M&M pancakes.

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