Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Wow. Where to begin?

I spent Saturday at a horse race, and I wish I could upload the pictures. I’m still sorting through them, actually; I took about a hundred, and most are practically identical.

I had a good time at the race, though, with my parents. We didn’t bet on any of the horses, though my Mom revealed her ability to pick ’em. Out of the five she picked, three won and another other came in second.

The storyboard for the short anime parody is almost done. If I do nothing else tonight, I’ll finish that storyboard. That’ll give me time to scan it tomorrow night and touch up a few of the frames, so that I can post it to the website on Saturday (I’ll be busy Thursday and Friday nights). Then I can begin approaching anime artists to draw the animations.

Brennen wrote, regarding his crockpot concoction:

I am sure you can buy prepared food this good, but it isn’t easy to find.

He’s right. While it does take time, the extra preparation involved in home cooking results in incredibly delicious food. And it’s not that hard.

I’ve been experimenting with pan-frying things like steaks, chicken breasts, and hamburger. The results taste great, and are pretty quick to make.

People are amazed at this, partly because I’m a single guy (which annoys me a bit at the stereotype), and partly because they claim that they can’t find the time. This latter is ameliorated in my case by my lack of a TV. I loaned it to a friend at work, now that I’m using the projector for DVDs and VHS tapes. I can’t imagine how I’d find time to watch TV if I had one, though.

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