Friday, November 28, 2003

“Violence needs to have consequence, lethality, and authenticity, but not necessarily relish.”

— Edward Zwick, film director (Legends of the Fall, Glory)

Here’s the next writing challenge:

Write a five-hundred-word scene in which a character monologues coherently for the entire scene. Use the character’s body language to enhance the monologue. Purpose: Sustaining the reader’s interest during a long speech.

The previous challenge is available here. Please post your response.

Thanksgiving‘s over, and it was good. Extremely small and quiet. Just me, my parents, and one of my nieces, sharing turkey and the rest of the standards at my parents’ house. The niece tended to cling a lot, but then, she’s five. That’s part of her nature. At least she enjoys our company.

I’m thinking of redesigning this page. Not the rest of the site; just the journal. Normally, I’m opposed to that, since it’s jarring to navigate around a site and bump into pages that look completely different than the ones you were just skimming.

But for the journal, maybe it’d be worthwhile. The rest of the site is fine. But the journal…I don’t know. It’s asking to be treated differently. It’s special. It’s text-heavy. It has some graphics occasionally. The sidebar doesn’t feel quite right.

I’m tempted to turn the main text into a rather narrow column running down the center of the page. And maybe turn the sidebar into a topbar. Don’t know.


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