Tuesday, November 25, 2003


Spent much of last night fretting over Wine to Those in Anguish, which is…rather hard to define in a few words. It’s an anime idea I had years ago, and put into pre-production, only to deep-freeze when I realized I had no script.

I’ve never abandoned it. I believe that it’s a strong work. There’s emotion in it; it has the stuff of life. But I never could write the script. It never came together.

The reasons were many, but primarily, I had no story. I knew what had set up the story, and had a very interesting, complex backstory. But I didn’t know how the characters would act once I kicked off the story itself.

So, last night, I asked myself about the characters, and scribbled down a ten-step outline. And I think that I have enough, now, to write a story.

Now comes the more important point. Will I actually sit down and write it?

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