Monday, March 22, 2004

I literally cannot write a long entry today; I had a wonderful but jam-packed-full weekend, and now it’s the end of the day at work and I really need to get home in time to pick up my materials and head out for Monday Group.

Briefly: I had my 10,000th Day Party on Saturday, celebrating ten thousand days alive. I had a great time with about twenty friends, who all chatted and ate. We had glistening ham, a variety of good hearty breads, a lovely smattering of cheeses from Colby to Brie to some sort of odd paté, dozens of cookies, and good strong wines and ales and liquers and even several bottles of mead.

I crashed at my parents (which is where the party was held; my apartment wasn’t nearly large enough) for the night, then zipped by my apartment with barely enough time to breathe before driving to church, then to lunch with a friend, then to my writing group, then to AWANA. I got back home and, after eating a late dinner and writing a paltry few hundred words, collapsed into bed.

As a result I overslept this morning, and worse, I had an appointment with my eye doctor in the middle of the afternoon. So I’ve only spent half a day here at work. Blah. Tuesday through Thursday are going to be looong days, since I have another eye doctor checkup appointment this Friday. At least my eyes are doing better; they’re just healing at the pace of 33-degree blackstrap molasses.

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