Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Okay. Okay okay okay. No updates except for the weird one on Friday. Yeah.

I don’t really want to apologize for this, because as I see it, I’m not posting these journals exclusively for readers. Obviously, I want people to read it—otherwise why would I put it online?—but this journal is only a part of my life, and sometimes I don’t have much time for that part.

The in-between animator came over on Monday, and that went perfectly. She drew for a couple of hours while I caught up on my cooking for the week (stir fry and cookies for meals at work). She did a great job, considering that this is her first experience in animation, drawing three out of her shot’s four drawings in 2.5 hours. And all of those drawings were exactly correct, as far as I could see. She plans to return on Saturday to do some more work.

Meanwhile, my CGI artist e-mailed me today to let me know that she’s “stopping by the studio” (ha!) tomorrow morning to show me what she has thus far for the opening shot. Very very cool. This is working.

So I’m feeling good. My full-time job is a bit stressful at the moment, but not too bad; I just have a lot to do.

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