Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Okay, I’m back. And doing my best to return to normal.

Though, of course, our lives never return to a true, indefinite equilibrium. If history teaches us anything, it’s the constancy of change and the vast variety of human nature. Living a “normal” life implies an average, which simply isn’t meaningful when it comes to living life.

But I am trying to re-establish my routines, and find better ways to live. I had my animators over on Saturday, and spent Sunday afternoon with my parents, as usual. I thrive on routine.

My newest new organizational tool is a weekly to-do list. This list contains all the things I’d really like to do frequently, but often forget about. I print out a new list every week and put it on my desk where I’ll see it every day, and I use it to remind myself of my priorities. Here’s the list (unordered):

  • Faith-building exercise
  • Pray for ____ minutes (one more each week)
  • Rent (and watch) one Great Movie, from Roger Ebert’s list
  • Watch one current movie in theaters
  • Watch anime
  • Read up on jazz
  • Read up on techno
  • Listen to a classical piece
  • Read a book
  • Read a long stretch of the Bible (multiple chapters)
  • Work on a Syllable application or tutorial
  • Call friends (Saalon, Brennen, others)
  • Practice piano
  • Practice violin
  • Compose some music

There’s also space at the bottom to add items that only apply to that week (like, this week, capturing the behind-the-scenes video footage I taped last week and storing it on a backup external hard drive).

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