Saturday, November 27, 2004

Accomplishments for November 26, 2004:

  • During lunch at work, I met my parents at a local mall, then did some Christmas shopping. I now either have gifts or know exactly what I’ll get for most of the people on my Christmas list.
  • Found out how a toilet works, so I can figure out why my bathroom toilet doesn’t always flush completely. Discovered that the flush valve closes completely as soon as the lever is released, and there’s no other way to get water into the bowl. I think I’m still missing some piece of the puzzle, but for now I know that I need to keep the lever depressed for a few seconds, to let the tank drain.
  • Wrote another 180 words of “The Old Man”.
  • Began work on my Christmas writing project, in which I write one-page tributes to various friends and family, to be given to them with their Christmas presents. I’ve wanted to make gifts for those close to me, but I have very little in the way of handcrafting skills. However, I can write, so I figure I can use that skill to create something unique for people.
  • Went through my complete strength training regimen, except for my sit-up.

In other news, I made a pleasant discovery Thanksgiving morning. After putting the turkey in the oven, I took a long walk around the neighborhood. A rainstorm had just blown through, so the clouds were scudding across the sky like leaves in a river. I walked down to the end of my street and discovered a grassy hill, the perfect sort of hill for climbing. I ran up it and, from the top, I could see the whole world, just like Hazel and Blackberry in Watership Down.

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