Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Why are they trying to make the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory look like A Clockwork Orange? And why does the new Mozilla Thunderbird icon look like an anime haircut?

Anyvay. I had a long weekend, which started with a busy Saturday. My Dad is filling his retirement with home improvement jobs—wiring, putting up walls, etc.—and asked me to help him put together a lattice screen Saturday (for pay). We had a good time; Dad knows what he’s doing, so it was just a matter of handing him a board here or holding something in place.

That evening, I went to the birthday party of a kid whose family I know well. We played a Godzilla game and ran around with water pistols shooting each other and ate cake and just generally did Birthday Things.

So Sunday, I came down with a cold. Spent Sunday and Monday at home. I did manage to watch some anime, though: Paranoia Agent (brilliant at a level very little anime reaches), Gundam SEED (fun and interesting), and Tenchi GXP (rather brainless but good entertainment). I also watched the first half of Lawrence of Arabia, which is an odd experience after reading his diary. It just didn’t happen like that.

I’m back at work today, and back to something close to normal, though I’m still fairly tired. Writing group tonight, then back home to (hopefully) relax.

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