Wednesday, November 17, 2004

It’s been a baaad couple of days. My finances are the worst they’ve ever been. I was mentally exhausted Monday and Tuesday. Basically, I’ve wanted to crawl under the bed covers and not come out for the next few months.

Depression kinda sucks. Well, by definition.

Now, more VR story:

Grey Hackle made another step and shouted, “Nobody’s going to save you now!”

Thomas looked at Doodlehopper, examining her like a clue. Her body was taut, her eyebrows drawn together in concentration. Her face betrayed more than that; she was uncertain and she was afraid.

Thomas acted. He rolled to his feet and grabbed a piece of shelving in each hand.

Grey Hackle heard a scuffling near the center of the store and, a cold light appearing in his eyes, he swung his guns inward, his mind working at an unconscious level trained over decades of hunting men.

Thomas spun with every molecule of grace that he could pull out of his hunched, aging body and flung one shattered hunk of metal to his right.

Something clanged to Grey Hackle

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