Wednesday, December 1, 2004

As with yesterday, my illness sucked out the energy I needed to be productive today.

I did manage to do my strength training exercises, review Japanese (Kore wa Brent desu), and watch the last four episodes of .Hack//Sign. It was a wonderful four episodes, except that it didn’t end; the final episode was a cliffhanger. I feel like I’m missing something important, and plan to do some research online to see if I’ve skipped an episode or something.

Incidentally, I didn’t need to add vanilla to my hot chocolate mix. I just added water and the result was perhaps the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had.

I promised to write about the Russian animations I watched last week, and now I will.

They were remarkable, and unlike the animations I’m used to seeing over here. Most of the them were made using either stop-motion or cut-out animation (imagine a paper doll, photographed in different positions), which is rather jerky but also very different from traditional animation.

They also use camera and lighting tricks that I rarely see in American or Japanese animation. Several animations would pan along a very long landscape, many screens’ width in size. One kept panning the camera up so we could see action in the distance.

Most of the stories were fairy tales, which I found somewhat disappointing. A fairy tale is, by nature, a simple story, so I was not treated to deep writing with the exception of a fabulous short called “The Weapon,” in which an inventor creates an ultimate weapon with the intent to teach the military a lesson, but his invention gets out of hand. Brilliant.

Urgle. Forgive the dry tone of this entry; it’s late and I’m still fighting off this cold. I think I’ll stop now, before I embarrass myself further.

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