Tuesday, March 29, 2005

[Bunny Girl by Andrew Hickinbottom]

I don’t normally like CGI. It looks too stiff and too generated; surfaces feel harsh and hyper-real. Indeed, it’s all about the feel of it. I don’t like how CGI feels.

But Andrew Hickinbottom‘s work gives me hope that there’s a good future in CGI. He’s created CGI that looks like animations of clay figurines. Very pretty, and it has a style that feels more natural than typical CGI’s harshness.

Hmm. That makes it seem like I hate CGI. I don’t; it just normally feels off to me.

I honestly can’t feel bad right now, as I just got back from dinner wtih T. Campbell, who graciously talked for two and a half hours about the comics industry and my chances of getting Red Ax published (online or otherwise). What an incredibly great guy to do that.

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