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How The Media Blackout Is Going

The bloom is off the rose. As of today, I’m officially tired of my vacation from all media. But that’s good, actually. That’s an opportunity for me to examine my reaction and figure out what that means. Why am I tired? Why do I want more input? Here’s what I figure so far: I like to learn and I like to teach. Those are pretty intrinsic to my nature; I’ve been doing both, happily, for many years […]

Media Detox

Gee. Everyone’s staying away from their blogs this week, it seems, except me. And I’m the one avoiding media, so I should have the least to talk about. Instead, I feel like blogging. Hmmm. That’s causing a few neurons to fire. The media avoidance has made me realize just how media-saturated I am. Well, and it’s not just media; it’s raw input. I have a lot of stuff pouring […]

Media Blackout

Had a good Christmas. It was “just” me and my parents, but that was plenty. Which sounds like a snarky put-down; it’s not. A weekend with my parents is joy. I love every opportunity I have to spend time with them. I wish I had more time to spend with them…though on the other hand, I have to balance that desire with an understand that I have to live my own life. In any event, nothing […]

Thursday, December 22, 2005

So. This webserver died a few days ago, which is why I haven’t been updating recently. I’d explain, but I don’t want to risk the ire of my current hosting company. Suffice to say I’m less than thrilled with their service. Though it was kind of nice to be away from e-mail for a while. I sure had a good bit more time for other things. Such as “liming.” “Liming” is […]


Long, long, long week. Mainly due to work. I have essentially two duties there. One required a lot of work this week, and the other required a ton of work this week, most of which culminated in a Friday spent almost despairing at my work load. I got it done, pretty much. I still have some work left to do, but I turned the tide and acquitted myself with honor. But it wiped me […]


Above is my Christmas tree for this year. Turned out quite nice, in my opinion. I gathered a small collection of eight or ten ornaments from my parents this year, and put up my first real tree. The ornaments look okay, actually; my fears that they would look scarce were unfounded. Instead, it looks…understated. Well, and the billions of candy cances help. I’m getting back into development for Syllable Why? I like the community. […]

Monday Tuxedo

It’s Monday, so I’m feeling fine. Wrote three pages in my paper journal this morning, slammed through my morning routine, took out the trash, and arrived at work fifteen minutes early. Had an easy day, taking care of a few things and talking to my boss. I felt like a professional. Just got home and slammed through half a dozen little chores. I’m on top of the world. Much like Jackie Chan in The Tuxedo, which […]

Status Report

I didn’t bake as many cookies as I’d hoped; I only have six batches complete now, which is four short of my goal. But then, my parents were here for most of the day; my Mom sewing curtains and my Dad cleaning up the grout in my little foyer for me, so I was spending a good amount of the day with them. Plus we went out to lunch. Not that I’m complaining at all; we had a great […]

Bits and Pieces

Woke up to a veritable winter wonderland, but one with a deadly secret (dum dum DUMMMM): the snowstorm ended with a finale of sleet, so the roads were like frozen ponds. As I journalled and sipped a cup of tea, I saw people carefully maneuvering their cars onto the roads, and decided to wait a little bit before heading to work. I’m glad I did; the day was comparatively warm, so that by the time I left, the roads […]

Thursday, December 8, 2005

Woke up and felt like chewed bubblegum. Shot out an e-mail to folks at work, explaining how I felt and that I’d be in to work late. Not a problem; my calendar was clear today, and the program for which I’m responsible is hosting its customer today, so my “bosses” would be plenty busy without me. So I got an extra couple of hours of sleep, and woke up feeling refreshed for once. Zipped in to work […]

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