[My Christmas tree this year]

Above is my Christmas tree for this year. Turned out quite nice, in my opinion. I gathered a small collection of eight or ten ornaments from my parents this year, and put up my first real tree. The ornaments look okay, actually; my fears that they would look scarce were unfounded. Instead, it looks…understated. Well, and the billions of candy cances help.

I’m getting back into development for Syllable Why? I like the community. I like the idea: an easy-to-use OS for home and small office users. I’m impressed at the scale of the goals; this is definitely a WOW! project. I like the possibilities. And I like to write code, so why not?

…except I’m the guy who always has too many irons in the fire. I already have half a dozen major projects in the works: the VR story, my young adult novel, itself, Where will I find the time to write Syllable code?

Actually, I have an answer for that. I’m setting aside about an hour every day to work on a major project. Divided amongst these many projects, that’s not much time; some will only get an hour per week. But it’s some time, at least, and I can do a fair amount of work in that time. Worth a try.

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