Friday, May 6, 2005

I’ve gained some perspective this week.

took my laptop (Navi) in to the Apple Store on Thursday, to see if they could remove the CD that the laptop insists isn’t in the drive. The tech was my ideal; even though he was swamped, he helped everyone as equally as possible, while being consistently and genuinely friendly and helpful. He ran a few tests and promptly agreed that the drive was borked. This meant sending it out for a roughly one week repair, which frustrated me a bit, but I could deal with that.

I arrived home to discover a note from UPS. The driver had tried to deliver my copy of OS X Tiger, but I wasn’t home. Fair enough; I went home early today just so I could be around when the note indicated the driver would be back. So I checked my e-mail and browse online comics for awhile at home, then went outside…to find another UPS sticker on my door. I was fifteen feet from the door the whole time, in a completely silent house, and hadn’t heard a sound. The driver had arrived and just slapped a sticker on my door, without knocking.

Worse, this was the final delivery attempt. So I called the phone number listed on the ticket, which told me to check their website. Fine. I went to and typed in the tracking number…to which the site responded that it had no information on that tracking number. Great. I re-called the phone number and got through to a live representative (within a minute, too!) who informed me that the package would now be held for five days at a facility about half an hour from my house (though close to work).

So I got really frustrated and bummed around the house for awhile. Didn’t want to do anything, just sulk.

And then it hit me. I was depressed because one of my four computers is out for repair, and the delivery of an OS upgrade that I only plan to install on one of my computers is delayed for a few days, so I’ll have to drive five minutes from my house to pick it up. And I started to laugh.

Now, I’m good. I got quite a bit accomplished today, too: cleaned house, cleaned my truck and checked fluids, read the Bible (2 Peter and 1 John), and baked a dozen mini apple pies. Not bad.

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