Tuesday, June 21, 2005

My desire for a stable routine has become even stronger at work. After weeks of comparatively little work, this week my to-do list has multiplied four-fold. There are sudden fires everywhere—one immediately resolvable thanks to some work I helped push through recently—and I have to keep on top of it.

Thank goodness for GTD. I actually am on top of all my tasks, to a degree that sometimes amazes me.

I spent yesterday playing catch-up at home, after the Otherspace Productions beach trip on Saturday, Father’s Day at my parents’ house Sunday afternoon, and a going-away party for a friend Sunday evening. In fact, I felt a little sick yesterday, and I think it was exhaustion.

The beach trip was practically perfect in every way, to quote Mary Poppins, except for getting lost a few times on the way down. This was not completely a vacation; we spent much of the afternoon taking photos of the ocean and videotaping an animator walking down the beach. Our next animation is set on the beach, so this will all be useful for that.

Everything else went well. We had a good time sending off our friend, and though it was sad to see him go, he’s going because he wants to and believes it’s the best thing for him. Won’t argue with that.

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