Friday, July 8, 2005

The sky was full of battleship clouds, slung low, cruising towards the western horizon. But as the sun galloped across the sky, the fleet broke up into a few huge carriers drifting lazily along.

Good day, all told. Work went swimmingly, thanks to my help on a troublesome project. Always feels good to be a rescuer.

Then I heard about the bombing of London today, and I felt a lot more thankful for all I have. My heart goes out to the British today, and if I can offer any hope, I’ll just say this: You will come out of this stronger.

I came home and powered through a bunch of little chores—e-mail, blogs, filling the bird feeders, sweeping the front walkway, setting the clocks to the atomic time (as I do every two months), etc. I also paid bills online, as I’ve been diligently setting up my online bank account to accommodate this. It’s wonderful to pay bills immediately; no filling out of a check, waiting for it to arrive, then waiting for it to be processed. I click a few buttons, and the money is immediately removed from my checking account. Wonderful.

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