Friday, August 12, 2005

Woke up this morning and realized with a little dread in the pit of my stomach: I’m sick. I rolled over and took a quick inventory, letting myself wake up and gauging exactly how bad I felt. Okay, only “sick” in a general sense of malaise, slightly sore throat, slightly upset stomach, etc. Stress sickness, in other words.

So I fired off an e-mail to various folks at work, telling them I was sick and would be in late. I took advantage of my time to stumble through my e-mail inbox, and blearily water the drooping plants out back.

By the time I got in to work around noon, I was tired and moving slowly, but I could function, and I took care of a number of tasks both small and large. I only spent three hours at work, but I accomplished more than I do during some full days. Eh, life’s like that, I guess.

Swung by the grocery store for provisions, came home and cooked some beef with broccoli. I tried making it once before. The recipe said to pan-fry the beef, then pan-fry the broccoli, then put them both in the same pan for several mintues. Well, duh, it came out overcooked. The cookbook was clearly out to get me. So this time I followed my intuition, and it turned out perfect: The broccoli was still crisp, while the beef was soft and full of flavor. Ha! Take that, cookbook!

Then, watched an old anime episode, did some weeding, and now I’m here in my big bedroom chair, typing away on my laptop. Not a bad day, overall, even if it is as hot as the devil’s oven outside.

Oh, by the way: No more VR story today. I’m stuck. I’ll figure out what to write and will post more soon. Sorry about that, but I’ve written myself into a bit of a corner, and need some time to think my way out.

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